Temperament Testing Juliet’s Golden Retriever litter

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Learn how we temerament tested Romeo & Juliet’s litter. We breed English Cream Golden Retrievers in Texas. Our puppies are Volhard Temperament tested to insure we  match you to the right puppy.

Volhard Temperament Testing

For the past 2 days, our wonderfully skilled temperament tester was at our house. Jenny spent up to 1 hour per puppy to be sure she properly evaluated these cute English Cream Golden Retriever babies from the Romeo and Juliet litter. Jenny wrote exhaustive narrative about her observations of each puppy. We are so impressed with how well she broke down traits of each puppy.

Golden Retriever temperament tested tired puppy

Golden Retriever temperament tested tired puppy








Jenny’s Volhard temperament testing skills

Jenny noticed some vast differences between thesw adorable English Creme Retriver puppies in this litter. Some are quite bold, curious, outgoing, playful. A few are chill, passive, gentle. And a couple are cautious, kind and thoughtful. The differences between 11 Golden Retriever puppies can be vast. This is why temperament testing to guild placement of matching puppies to new owners is incredibly important. Without this valuable information, choosing a puppy comes down to a pretty face, what feels right and a shot in the dark. It is very important to us at Red-Dawn Goldens to know for sure what types of new home each puppy must be placed with. We love having this personality testing information available so we can help the new puppy owners decide what puppies are good choices.

What is the Volhard Temperament test?

You can read the article we wrote about the Volhard Temperament test here on our web site. This temperament test looks for the human sociability/relatability type , prey drive and environment stability of each Golden Retriever puppy.


Testing sociability of puppies personalities

Sociability is the way a puppy responds to humans. Some dogs readily accept strangers. Other dogs take time to warm up to a new person. And some dogs really prefer just one person. In addition, the Volhard test rates the dominance/boldness vs submissive/cautious behavior of each Golden Retriever puppy.

An example of very opposite Volhard test results of dogs:

The bold dog

Let’s say you have company ring your doorbell. You happily swing your front door open to greet your friends and invite them inside. The Golden Retriever who scored on the bold side will greet your friends by jumping all over them, licking or mouthing and full of rambunctious energy. This dog is overjoyed in every interaction of seeing most people.

The passive dog

The opposite is a Golden Retriever who scored on the cautious side of the spectrum. This dog stands back and observes how you interact with these new people and takes cues from your behavior. If you happily let your friends inside, this dog will calmly walk up in a submissive manner and offer to sit or lay at the guest feet and have a tummy scratch while he gives a kind lick to the guest hand.

Both personalities of dogs can be in the same litter

These two dogs have inherited vastly different personality types. Both types can be found in 1 litter of Golden Retrievers. Do to the vast differences it is important to choose a puppy wisely. Of course most people tend to have a preference of personality style that suits them. This is why choosing a puppy from a professionally temperament tested litter of Golden Retrievers is crucial. Breeders of Golden Retrievers who have their puppies personality tested can best help you choose the right puppy.