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Alicia of Red-Dawn Golden Retrievers (right)

About Red-Dawn Goldens

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I’m Alicia Dawn and I live near Dallas Texas. My AKC kennel name Red-Dawn came about from my name, Dawn, and my red hair. I’ve been breeding, training and showing Golden Retrievers since 1986. As a result of my passion for training dogs I became a full time professional dog trainer in the late 1990’s.

About Red-Dawn’s early years

My first breed was Golden Retrievers from hunting lines. My parents decided Goldens were the best choice for a family dog. As a result I trained my first Golden, Princess, starting at 9 years old. I began showing her just 12 weeks after our first obedience class and surprisingly won 3rd place our first time competing. After a few busts and a few qualifying entries I got Princess’ AKC CD/ Companion Dog title. As well as showing Princess, I also trained and showed her puppy, Tara. At 1 year of age and at her first show, Tara and I won 1st place in AKC Obedience. I really enjoyed showing dogs as a child and continued my obsession of training and showing dogs professionally as an adult.

About Red-Dawn and early adult years

In 1997 I trained a few German Shepherds of mine in Schutzhund, Obedience, Agility, Conformation and Herding. As soon as I descovered my love for herding I purchased my first Border Collie in 1999. Red-Dawn Border Collies became a very popular line across the world in multiple sports from 2000-2010. The Red-Dawn dogs immediately became known in competitive dog circles.  As a result many Red-Dawn dogs hold National and World Championships in a wide variety of sports. After 2010 Red-Dawn has owned and bred a very limited group of herding line and show line Border Collies. Red-Dawn Border Collies are now co-owned and co-bred with dog show enthusiasts, and do not live with Alicia. 

Red-Dawn English Creme Golden Retriever Breeder

About Red-Dawn and being a mother

In 2007 I had a son, so consequently my focus of training and showing dogs competitively slowed down. I decided I wanted to dedicate more time on dogs who were great family pets and service dogs for people with disabilities. In spite of my Border Collies being great competition dogs, they certainly were not ideal family dogs. For this reason I switched my breeding goals back to my roots of Golden Retrievers.  With this in mind, in 2009 I returned my focus to finding Golden Retrievers from great lines from all over the world. Most importantly I chose dogs from very reputable lines. Red-Dawn’s English Cream Golden Retriever lines are imported from solid European kennels. In addition, I have America’s best blends of lines from top hunting and sport focused breeders too.

About Red-Dawn’s service dogs

Many of the puppies produced at Red-Dawn are working service dogs. As a matter of fact, organizations who have multiple dogs we bred who are working service dogs are: Patriot Paws, Power Paws, MADE in Texas, Aggie Guide and Service Dogs, Top Dog Service Dogs (Adam Gibson head trainer), Brooks Diabetic Alert Service Dogs. In addition many of our puppies are directly purchased by owners and Co-trained with a service dog trainer if their choice  


About Red-Dawn’s Breeding Direction

We strive to produce the healthiest dogs possible by choosing the world’s most reputable lines. It is paramount for us to outcross for genetic diversity, no inbreeding. Our dogs all live as pets in the house and play in big yards each day. Not only are our parents dogs fully health tested, but for many generations the lines we use are known for great health. Our dogs have OFA Hips/OFA Elbows/OFA Heart/ Eyes cleared by an Ophthalmologist, DNA tested ensures your puppy can NOT inherit any disease like PRA/ PRCD/DM.


About Red-Dawn raising puppies method

We give a 2 year Health Guarantee. We Volhard Temperament Test our puppies to guide the placement of puppies. Our puppies are raised inside the main part of the house until 6 weeks of age. At that point they move to our large indoor/outdoor puppy area where they are litter box and dog door trained. As a result of years of experience we have perfected the best way to raise puppies to ensure your dog grows up to be an ideal companion.

Red-Dawn Golden Retrievers of the past