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August 2021

We have a few dogs in need of co-owners/ guardian homes. We have puppies and also adult Goldens who are 3-5 years old. The adults are potty trained, crate trained, dog door trained, good manner and great dogs with kids & pets. These dogs will continue to be used as breeding dogs for Red-Dawn. If you are interested, please contact us. We will visit your home and get to know you, and we need you to live in the DFW area.

The guardian home agreement is described more in the link

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Sold:: Luke

Luke is well bred from many generations of top competitors, champions and health tested Red-Dawn Border Collies. Both his parents are AKC champions. Luke comes from a long line of some of the worlds most well known Border Collies who excel at many sports and many who are also working service dogs. He was co-bred by Red-Dawn near Dallas and Bokate Border Collies in Texas.

Luke is fully house trained plus fantastic house manners. He is fully oobedience trained. Luke is socialized with children and dogs. From 8 weeks of age Luke has been in intense training for public access, obedience & scent detection. He can smell samples of both high & low blood sugar and will give his trainer an alert. We have weeks of documentation of Luke alerting a Type 1 Diabetic when the person’s blood sugar was out of normal range.

Luke now lives in a home with a Type 1 Diabetic and enjoys the good life


SOLD: Legacy

Legacy sold at 2 years of age as a pet. He was a breeding hopeful who did not turn out to be up to our standards as a Golden Retriever stud dog.



If we have adult dogs available we post them here, above. We are located north of Dallas Texas. We also offer Golden Retriever adults and puppies to approved Guardian Homes. Read more at that link.

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