Guardian Homes

English Creme Golden Retriever Puppy and boy

Guardian Homes

At Red-Dawn Goldens, we do not believe in keeping our breeding dogs and their litters confined in kennels. Instead, we are committed to our dogs receiving regular interaction and love in the comfort of a private home. However, as we have to consider our adult females currently producing litters, young females who will ultimately replace the adults, as well as stud dogs, we are not able to accomodate housing all our Red-Dawn Goldens in our personal home.

“Guardians” and their homes became our answer. A guardian provides a home to our Red-Dawn Goldens and are treated as pets and members of the family. While Red-Dawn maintains the breeding rights to that Golden, it is only for a set period of time. Once that time is over, that Golden is then spayed/neutered and get to continue their life with their guardian as a whole and complete part of their family.

Do you allow anyone to become a guardian?

Red-Dawn Goldens maintains the highest of standards when it comes to all of our Golden’s and our extended family. It is incredibly important to us that our dogs are well cared for and loved. Therefore, we engage in a very extensive interview process before we allow someone to become a guardian. Once we have identified someone we feel we can entrust with the safety and well-being of our dogs, we outline our expectations and require all guardians to sign a contract detailing the terms of the agreement. For example, because they will need to be transported to our home for breeding, we require all our guardians to live within a reasonable driving distance and be available and willing to make the commute when necessary.


If I become a guardian, how often will I have to leave my guardian dog with Red-Dawn?

This can vary, but one of the largest factors is whether or not you have a male or female Red-Dawn Golden. For our males, it is rare we would need him more than once or twice a month (max) for two to three days at a time. For females, however, we would need for approximately a week while she is being bred, then again for eight weeks once she has her litter. Our female Goldens typically have four litters with us before they are retired.

How much does it cost to be a guardian?

Red-Dawn will cover all costs associated to breeding, including any needed supplements and all veterinary bills. The guardians are responsible for all the “traditional” costs of owning a dog: food, supplements, grooming, and vet bills.


We take applications at all times for guardian homes for upcoming puppies & adults.

Available for Guardianship

  • Female English Cream Retriever, 2 years old. Potty trained. Good in the house. Great personality.
  • Stud boy, light gold color, born July 2022. This boy needs a home on the north side of DFW. He will be needed regularly for showing on the weekends and also for a few months he will live at hunting school.

Upcoming Guardianships (yet to be born)

  • Golden Retriever female puppies
  • Stud Golden Retriever puppy