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One idea for a fresh food meal. Variety is best!
Dr Harvey’s Raw Vibrance is a dried veggie & other foods base. Just add hot water & serve. Add a fish/fish oil and meat.
Eggs & Sardines are so easy to feed and super healthy for dogs & people!
Can’t commit to feeding a diet of only fresh food? Add fresh food to your dog’s dry food. Canned Mackerel & Eggs & Meat are all great additions.
Cottage cheese, raw egg, beef, beef liver, sardines, chicken feet. This is a great meal!
This is easy to make & then portion into daily servings & store.
Add Bone Meal to this blend to balance it out. This stores great in the freezer in daily portions.
I’ll start with: Keep the peas to a minimum. This is the first time this year my dogs ate peas. The broth part is super healthy to balance out the starchy sugary peas 😂
That powder you see is Bone Meal. Dogs really don’t need veggies if they get bones in their diet. But if you aren’t feeding bones, then the veggies give fiber to keep everything moving along. I prefer feeding raw chicken feet over bone meal, but this meal was made for puppies, hence the bone meal.