Puppy Deposit

    Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE. Please do not place a deposit if you are not ready to potentially have to wait.  

    The deposits are transferable to future litters. Before placing your deposit, please understand our pick order is based on date your deposit was paid. The wait time can be 4-12+ months depending on your preferences in a puppy. The more specific your preferences, the longer it may take.  The availability of a female or male puppy, size, color and generation is based solely on which moms come into season, their lineage, if they get pregnant, the number of puppies born, and their characteristics. We plan future litters based on what depositors request.


    Once you place a deposit you should get an email from reddawngoldens@gmail.com with login info for the current litter page. The email should come to you within 24-36 hours. Please check your junk folder as the email will sometimes end up there. If you don’t get an email, then contact me at reddawngoldens@gmail.com and I will respond. Do not fill out another contact form, it is better to email me directly.