Dog Training

Obedience Training

Boot Camp
You can enroll your puppy in a “Boot Camp” training regimen at Red-Dawn starting as early as four months old. For puppies between 4-5 months of age, we recommend three weeks of training to establish basic commands and manners. Once the puppy is between 7-9 months old, we recommend an additional two-three weeks of training to learn additional and more complex commands to match their advanced maturity level. For those adult dogs who have not been previously trained, we recommend 4 weeks of consecutive training.

Each of our lessons are founded on positive motivation techniques and then advance to full “off-leash” control. We cover the following commands and behaviors: no bite, no jumping, come, heel on the left/no pull on leash, leave it, sit, lay down, stay. crate, potty outside . All dogs enrolled in training live in our main house and can interact with other friendly dogs in our securely fenced backyard.

At our home, we primarily train “off-leash,” and then take your dog into public for distraction based “on-leash” training. While in training, your dog will be working with a professional dog trainer for several hours a day plus extended play time with other dogs in our home. We recommend a minimum of  3 weeks of Boot Camp to achieve positive results, but many dogs need 4 weeks for the training to become properly reinforced and take root. The 3 week boot camp in our home in McKinney Texas is $3500 or $175/day

In-Home Lessons
Red-Dawn also provides private lessons in your home. Cost is $150-$250 per lesson. During the private in-home lesson we customize the training to meet your specific issues and goals. One of our main focuses is to help you understand your dog’s needs and reasons for his behavior. This provides you with the tools needed to address future issues with your dog. 

If you’d like to request more information or book a training session, please email us using our contact form!

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This video was made in 2009.  Alicia and her sister, Amy, work as full time professional dog trainers. Both ladies have trained dogs professionally since 1999. Both sisters are very experienced in training diabetic alert service dogs, solving behavior problems and obedience for pets. In addition, Alicia has competed with her show dogs since 1986 in a variety of dog sports including Agility, Obedience, Conformation and many other sports. Alicia and her dogs have won many titles and awards over the years.